Pokemon Go: Review

Pokemon Go is a powerful game that impacted several lives and systems in short time. Many businesses have taken the opportunity to capitalize on the Pokemon Go trend such as giving discounts to players or even giving Uber rides to players. When I downloaded the game, I came in with little knowledge of the game other than catching Pokemon in the real world and had high expectations.

A wild Pikachu appeared!

Regarding the gameplay itself, I admit I was disappointed. In the Pokemon world and the games, trainers have the opportunity to catch, trade, breed, train, and battle with Pokemon. In Pokemon Go, the only developed option available was catching. Not even battling with other Pokemon or trainers was even an option. Instead, evolving Pokemon would necessitate catching Pokemon of the same species to attain candy. Depending on the pokemon, a certain number of candies would  then be used to evolve a pokemon or power one up. Though battling is also in the game, it’s limited since the player could only battle an AI version of other players’ pokemon in gyms.

Not only are other Pokemon related options lacking, but also catching and finding pokemon functionality could use some improvement. When tracking pokemon in locally, the app shows you nearest pokemon but fails to show you how far and which direction the pokemon you want to target.

Vague directions

Furthermore, pokemon spawning seems to be dependent on traffic so if you live in a rural or suburban area, you would find less pokemon than someone living in a city such as New York. Ironic on how that works since you would expect you would find more pokemon in less populated areas. The urban and number of pokemon found correlation seems to also be pervasive when finding for Pokestops too. Rural residents therefore are severely disadvantaged in Pokemon Go.

Horsea on my laptop


The game real-time performance was another aspect to consider. I expected that Pokemon Go would be very popular with players and it is. Because of this popularity, the server was down several times when attempted to connect to the game. Even when playing in the game, the game could stop connecting that would affect the outcomes in the gameplay, especially if you are middle of catching that rare pokemon you coveted.

One concern I did have for this game would be privacy issues from Pokemon Go since it requires a sign in from Google account for the potential data it could collect from patterns in routes and locations. I wonder how would it be if Pokemon Go opens up interaction with other players. Would other players be able to use tools to hack to track other players’ information?

Overall, I consider the game to be enjoyable but lacking in offering fans and non-fans full experience of the pokemon world. It can be addicting, especially if you are a long-term fan of Pokemon since the dream of being a pokemon master became true in a sense with our current technology. It could be therapeutic both physically and mentally since it enables us to get out of our house to explore the world and find and enjoy what the outside world has to offer instead of being confined inside in this day and age.


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