Brazilian Carnival

The carnival is a major annual festival that marks the celebration prior to fasting season of Lent. We went to the carnival for the first time. The event was held at nighttime and continued past midnight. It was a huge party with performances, alcohol, dancing, and samba music. The atmosphere was very boisterous and flamboyant but very fun.

Woman in butterfly costume

Consider the fact that this year’s theme was Mardis Gras and usual tradition of activities, the event was marketed towards adults. Abundance of alcoholic and flamboyantly, colorful dressed (or underdressed compared to average attire in day to day life) supports that notion. Some people expressed their creativity via handmade costumes.The presence of a woman in a brightly lit butterfly costume is a testament to that.

We arrived relatively early to avoid hunting for parking spots. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the beat of the drums until the inception of the parade. Unfortunately, standing on platforms didn’t afford us the best view of the performances but at least height is independent of audio quality.



After the parade, several dancers performed with fast paced live samba music. I’ve noticed several dancers performed more than one dance at difference times, which was impressive  of how much skill and practice from a person was input into this for a night.

After performances by dancers, music was sung mainly by a single lady who led the stage with her powerful voice and energy. Several guests did had the opportunity to get on stage to dance along with the singer. We all danced to the music, especially those who participated in the Congo lines.

Other than alcohol, there were many options for food except for snacks such as pizza, chips, sandwiches, etc since the main point was to drink and dance just like in a wild party held by college students except the majority of the guests were from the older crowd. Overall, I had a great time despite introverted tendencies.


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