Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu)

There was a dragon boat festival and I couldn’t pass the opportunity to not experience the festivities for the first time. As with a lot of holidays and traditions, there are stories behind them. According to the story, the holiday is to commemorate the scholar Qu Yuan who lived in the State of Chu. Just when the Qin State was planning to take over Chu, Qu Yuan advised on the military forces to protect Chu though his plans were opposed and he was exiled as a result. When the Chu was conquered by Qin, Qu Yuan committed suicide in the Miluo River. His suicide provoked mourners sailing the river to look for him, which the event led to the tradition of dragon boat racing. Nowadays, the dragon boat races consist of competitive teams rowing in dragon boats to the beating drums to reach the finish line.

In addition to racing, there were cultural shows and other activities such as making zongzi and kite flying.

Dragon Boat Racing

Although I didn’t get to participate in the racing myself, it was a cool sight. There were a lot of tents for the racing teams. The drummer drums in order to maintain morale of the whole team. A range of ages participated including a team consisted of only children.

Kite Flying

Historical Chinese Fashion (Hanfu and Qipao)

To be honest, the traditional Chinese fashion labeled from the Han and Tang dynasties according to the announcer were suited for cosplay instead of being fitted for authentic recreation from those time periods. The construction were not historically accurate and the materials for the Han dynasty were cheap. The hanfu labeled from the Tang was gorgeous regardless.

This would be hanfu from the Han dynasty. The bixi (cloth panel attached from the belt) is worn with a semi formal hanfu that is used for cultural events or meetings.

High waisted and chest high skirts became more popular in the Tang dynasty. The hanfu with the parallel collar has a pleated skirt instead of an outer layer at the sides.

Southeast Asian Fashion Show

It was very interesting to see the different cultural clothing from southeast Asia since compared to the east asian nations, it is rare to see some representation for southeast Asian nations.

Dance Performances

Moana joined for the Polynesian dances. Two songs from Moana were performed. Several children even got the opportunity to be on stage and joined the fun.


Food was nothing special. There were some interesting activities such as making zongzi, dish traditionally consumed during the holiday, though majority of the activities seems to be aimed for children.

Dotting of the Eye Ceremony

Objective is to give the dragon life and pay homage for the festival.


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