Santouka Ramen and Matcha Love

When trying the famous ramen shop Santouka popped up, I didn’t hesitate to try it as well as eating matcha ice green and shakes. I was also curious about green tea with fresh Japanese cherries flavor so I also bought that.

Santouka Ramen

I got the shio ramen, which consisted of white tonkotsu soup and red pickled plum on top, giving it a feminine touch. The rice bowl was full of frog eggs and chicken pieces, which balanced nicely with white rice. The white soup was very delicious to consume on its own after finishing all the toppings and the noodles. For the second round, I had the spicy ramen. The spice gave the soup and flavor a kick but it was mild enough that those who can’t handle spice could enjoy it. Compared to instant ramen, nothing could compare to the authentic ramen from Santouka since you can taste the toppings and noodles without being overpowered by sodium.

Matcha Love

For someone who drinks tea on a regular basis, the review would have some bias. Nevertheless, the matcha ice cream and shakes should be tried out for those who never had matcha flavored desserts. The items weren’t too bitter nor too sweet.

Green Tea with Japanese Cherries

When the box was opened, the tea leaves inside the pyramid bags had a pleasant strong cherry scented green tea aroma. The brewed tea had a hint of cherry flavor with the fresh taste of green tea. Cherry flavor items can be difficult to create since many companies input artificial cherry flavoring, which can led to the item taste like cherry cough medicine.


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