How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World Predictions

How to Train Your Dragon is an upcoming movie for 2019 in which the final chapter of Hiccup and Toothless will come to a conclusion. The final film of the franchise is an anticipated film for fans alike and will likely just as emotional impactful as the last two films. As several details leaked such as photos, synopsis, cast, and the soundtrack, clues are leading to speculations on how the story will end.


We do know that based on the director’s words, the film will follow the same ending as the book series in which there will be explanation on why there aren’t any dragons any longer.  There also details in which Toothless will meet an elusive mate who will draw him away. More details are revealed in this page in which the heroes will conflict with the villain Grimmel, who has hunted the Night Furies almost to extinction. Furthermore, the plot will centered more on Hiccup’s and Toothless’s efforts in pursuing the Light Fury’s attractions. Furthermore, it is stated the pursuit of the mate will draw out more of Toothless’s primal destiny and away from human influence.

In addition to the plot details,  the soundtrack details leaked. Although not confirmed, the tracks from the listing can reveal more about the plot in sequence from start to finish. Here are some theories and speculations on what could happen in the final movie in the trilogy.

Unofficial List for the HTTYD3 Soundtrack <<< I JUST NOTICED THE LAST ONE IS "Dragons again" YESSS and #11 is "Adieu Snotlout" WHAT THE DOES SNOTLOUT DIE?!?!?

  1. There were Dragons – This track suggests there will be a statement in the beginning of the film stating that “there were dragons” but now they are no more. This could be an older Hiccup narrating at the beginning of the movie starting with that statement before moving on explaining why and how dragons were no more. It’s possible the whole film will be a flashback from Hiccup’s past.
  2. A Chief’s Burdens – The track could be showing the weight of responsibility of leading a viking village. There could be a scene showing Hiccup having less free time to go flying with Toothless because of the added burdens of being chief. As a consequence, Toothless begins drawing away from Hiccup, which could be a factor in leading him to finding the Light Fury eventually. Toothless comes face-to-face with the elusive Light
  3. Ruffnut’s Dilemma – Whatever the dilemma is referring to is ambiguous. The conflict could be related to Eret, her dragon Barf and Belch, and/or her brother Tuffnut. In this case, the film could possibly showcase another side of Ruffnut and her character development.
  4. The Summit and No More Treaties – A scene will unfold with Hiccup participating in a meeting with all other viking chiefs. It seems the disagreements will lead to one chief declaring no more treaties. What the topic that led to the conflict is unknown. So far a topic that would generate controversy would be dragons, most likely the utopia Hiccup has built at Berk.
  5. Lightning and Death – There are a few possibilities the lighting in the title is referring to. Lightning could be referring to Toothless, the Light Fury, or Night in Furies in general. This could the meeting between Toothless and the Light Fury. The second part of the title “Death” could also be pointing to death of Night Furies due to being hunted to almost extinction. Perhaps Grimmel would be introduced here? It could also be associated on how the the summit of the chiefs will end.
  6. For Dancing and Dreaming Reprise – This offers a few possibilities. It’s possible the song refers to Valka having trouble coping her husband Stoick’s death from the last film. Another possibility would be Hiccup continuing his parents’ traditions in using the song to propose to Astrid.
  7. The Armada Approaches, Berk Under Siege, Fire and Blood – The three songs in the line up suggests a great battle taking up large amount screen time with possibly starting with Grimmel invading Berk and Berk fighting against Grimmel. A significant amount of blood will be shed. Hiccup meets his match, Grimmel (voiced by F. Murray
  8. Adieu, Snotlout – Snotlout will die, most likely sacrificing himself to save Berk and/or Hiccup and/or Toothless. If this scene takes place, it would also be following the book in which Snotlout dies.
  9. Wrath of the Alphas – Toothless and the alpha of Grimmel’s pack will fight head on.
  10. Between two Worlds/A Familiar Face – Between two Worlds could refer to between dragon and viking worlds. Would Between two Worlds illustrate the sharp divide and different destinies between Hiccup and Tootless as Toothless is drawing more to the call of the wild? Or it could be mean something different such as different goals, ideologies, etc? As Drago is said to return in the third movie, could A Familiar Face be referring to him?
  11. We are One – The song might be referring to dragons and vikings, especially Hiccup and Toothless together defeating Grimmel and having  their last battle.
  12. The Final Flight and My Best Friend – This suggests Toothess and Hiccup has already decided to part ways and in saying goodbye, they embarked on a last flight together.  Hiccup and Toothless realizes they will share the same destiny in the end with Tootless going off with the Light Fury and other dragons possibly to save the Night Furies species from extinction and Hiccup staying behind in Berk without Toothless. It’s possible that the vikings and dragons realized it would be for the best interests and safety for the dragons to separate from vikings due to constant greed of humans using dragons for self interests conflicting against the dragons’ survival.
  13. To the Fallen – Many will be lost including vikings and dragons. Just like in the second film, a viking funeral will be shown to commemorate those that died from the battle against Grimmel.
  14. Hiccup Looks Back/When I was a Boy – The film might flash back to the now present older Hiccup who has finished telling us his story of why dragons disappeared. Hiccup’s son or grandson could be making an appearance here or at the beginning of the movie as AJ Kane was casted in the film.
  15. Dragons, again – The last track implies that dragons do come back eventually. Whether it would be in Hiccup’s lifetime or in the far future is still up to speculation.

Other media content such as film images also reveal a bit more details of the movie. The official poster shows Toothless facing off with the the Light Fury with Hiccup in the middle in a underground cave. As it is implied that a community of dragons lives in the hidden world of underground, it’s possibly there are other Night Furies although few in the cave. The cave is hidden and could be a sanctuary for dragons to live in away from being hunted by humans until Grimmel possibly finds the location. Image result for how to train your dragon hidden world

As it is stated that Grimmel has been hunting for Toothless for some time, it is unknown why Grimmel was unable to capture Toothless although the Red Death from the first film could be the one who trapped Toothless away from Grimmel. It is also not incredulous that the villain could also be hunting for the Light Fury due to her rare coloring that would be valuable on the market.

With the last song in the tracking implying that dragons eventually return, let’s hope that in the end there will be only three films in the trilogy and not an invitation for sequel hook for more films in case someone from Dreamworks wants to go against the Dean DeBois’s wishes and milk the franchise for more money.

Overall, the third film seems to be more centered on Toothless’s story. It’s very likely we will get much more scenes of Toothless alone without Hiccup and through Toothless’s eyes and perspective. Perhaps more of the dragon world, specifically the fate of the Night Fury species will be revealed.