Revolving Sushi Bar

There are several ways to serve sushi. Some are buffets and others are sit down to order restaurant. One place was a revolving sushi bar. Sushi was served on a conveyer belt, which small dishes sit on top waiting to be picked off. Although the most remarkable feature of the restaurant was the revolving bar, the food itself was still delicious.

Salmon Roe


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Ethiopian Cuisine (First Time)

Of all the ethnic foods commonly consumed, Chinese, Italian, and Mexican are some of the most popular though tailored to American tastes. That being said, not every person gets a chance to try out Ethiopian. Ethiopian cuisine is novel to me as it was my first time in trying it so I was excited for the opportunity.

Vegetarian Combo – various dishes such as humus fit fit, and azifa, beets, salad, etc arranged on Injera bread

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